Friday, June 26, 2009

Dating on Thursday!

Today is Thursday! Yeah...I purposely take leave today bcause I nak gi dating kat Pavillion...!! Bukan senang nak gi dating ber2. Memang we all selalu spend time together tp Adam ade. Tp bila kluar time Adam ade, we all hav to concentrate dgn Adam jer.But we only hav 5 hours jer (12.30pm-5.30pm) Why?? Bcause we hav to fetch my dearest sister, balik keje!
Really time crisis....errgghh!
We had our lunch kat Food Republic@ Hot Plate. My hubby suke sgt mkn kat sini. My hubby makan Ikan Pari Bakar, Sotong Asam Pedas & Nasi. I mcm biasa Mushroom Chicken Mee...errmm sedap!

Then abis mkn, we all pg beli tiket Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Show pukul 3.00pm. Errm..ade 1 hours lagi! I ajak my hubby windows2 shopping hingga dia terbelikan ini...sgt suke! Thanks sayang...
Charles & Keith Bags

Appreciation token from Charles & Keith-Door Gift from Shiseido & Facial Massage/Makeover Session

Abis Transfomers around 5.30pm, while waiting my sister we all lepak kat Lounge 75 (oh ya..I suruh my sister jln kaki sampai Pavillion..x kuasa nak jemput The Weld building very the dekat ok...) but the drinks very bad..tasteless!

Ermm overall...hari ini sgt happy ! I think we shud hav last minute dating like this.....

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  1. C&K Bag, u got the same taste with me huh. I'm in Black but now no more in Black. It's very nice bag. Easier for those like to bring a lots of stuff in bag..heheh.