Saturday, July 11, 2009

How R U??

The above pic mase my wedding on 25/12/2004. Dia jdik pengapit...On early 2005, she fly to London and married there...last jumpe dia masa her wedding reception kat KL on around Aug 2006...lelama makin lost contact....She's the one yg I kongsi all my problem & secret..without her segalanye harus pendamkan, xde tempat nak mengadu...ermmm..makan hati!!
Awak, kita rindu sgt kata awak!! kita doakan awak sentiasa sihat & happy selalu!!!


  1. Tanti is so beautiful.. When I see this pics, teringan zaman kita masa kat sekolah dulu2.

    PS. suruh Tanti join FB

  2. yeah, she's so pretty..compared to time kat primary & secondary school a bit chubby..almost didn't recognize her looks.