Friday, August 14, 2009

Treasure Hunts!

Ahoy there!

The pirates of Treasure Hunts, The TrailBlazers humbly present their first ever "Beginners' Evening Hunt" on Sept 5,2009 (Saturday) at Kelab Shah Alam Selangor (KSAS).

They sail at 3.15p.m and anchor at 6.45p.m.

The following are pertinent details for you to jump on board our journey:

# short voyage (3.5 hours) with no physical challenges

# answers can be sighted very clearly from the car!

# famished sailors (hunters) enjoy a mouth watering "buka puasa" buffet dinner

# the bounty for all winners: "COLD HARD CASH"

# 7 teams in any "Open Hunts" from January 1,2009 to July 31,2009 arenot eligible to take part (Elken Hunters exempted)

# All treasures received during the Hunt will be donated to a charity home inPetaling Jaya.

# You will just enjoy this Hunt especially the easy but Fun clues!

Please feel free to call/sms the pirates:

Captain Black Hawk (016-2772909) Captain Tiger Swan (016-6861107) Captain Jack Swallow (019-2632708) or email us at for any enquiries or submission of EntryForms.

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  1. Treasure hunt? Why not hunt for some money for Raya ... Hop onto my blog and see for urself.