Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Farewell Lunch-Part II @ The Lodge

This is the best part for my farewell lunch! Even postpone few times from Tuesday to Wednesday, from Wednesday to Friday..and finally we had lunch together...:D

Will miss all my frenz...Kak Mala, Kak Su, Ina, Mary & Elly! So layan pix jer lah yer.

Kak Suryani, Mary Goh, Ina Muin, Kak Mala, ME & Elly

Kak Mala & Kak Su maintain cun. Ina..malu lah tuh

Kak Su, Elly & Mary-They called me Mak Nab cuz I had 3 Arnab kat umah & Elly aka Mak Cing cuz she loves Kucing....huhuhu finally Kak Su jadik Mak Nab cuz Princess nak arnab jugek......:P

Serious cant remember the name....blasah jer lah

To all, thanks a lot for this lovely lunch! Hope you all wont forget about me!!!!

Sedey sebenarnye...tapi tahan jer.....

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