Monday, May 31, 2010

35th Birthday!!

My hubby celebrate his 35th birthday last month on 24th April. As usual he enjoyed his pre & post birthday pressie every year. Nice rite :P

He mumble2 about his E71 camera buat hal & looks ugly with lekak lekuk. Ok fine :) He bought that phone on Dec 2008 rite after we back from Singapore for our 4th anniversary trip. Grey Steel & White Steel for me :) as anniversarry gifts. Anyway, my hubby tak penah pakai the same phone more than a year. Tp this E71 memang best that why boleh tahan more than 15 months :)

I trade in his E71 & top up RM800 for his new
E72 :) Original heh bukan AP :P

2nd Pre Birthday P

F1 2010 Grandstand ( Citrine ) Ticket !!

Its really cost me $$$$$ for the whole family including Adam :) 1st time Adam pg F1. We really had fun :P Nice view, nice seat....Cam whoring before & after :P with Stephanie & Fatin....

I didnt prepared anything :) yes not even special dinner or birthday cake or what ever :P But sharp 12.01am, I wish him Happy Birthday with one kiss :)

Its was Friday & I cuti that day. Adam pegi sekolah as usual. So, I dok umah kemas umah, mopping, vacum & basuh baju. Adam balik sekolah, wat homework & lepak2 while my hubby pg Solat Jumaat. We spend our golden time together at home. We just take lite dinner jer :)

He knew that we'll have supper at Concorde that nite :) but he didnt expected more than a supper :P Why I choose supper?? Coz there have steamboat!!! Only available on Friday, Sat and Sun (Sunday im not soo sure :P) My hubby suke steamboatlah :)

We had our steamboat supper happily. Adam tak makan pun. Dia melepak main PSP buat mcm kat umah jer. So i just offer dia makan prawn and chicken jer. Best gak layan steamboat neh :) sambil layan this superb Indonesian band. Tak ingat plak nama bandnye :) sorry ekkk. My hubby nak this band sing for us tp diaorg sengih2 dr jauh & pegi table lain jer. I nampak my hubby punye muke mcm bengang band tu ignore dia & I was like....ermmm ...Meh makan meh :)











That Indonesian band came to him & nyanyi birthday song versi Indonesian Allah Selamatkan Kamu with birthday cake :) Muka my hubby memang shocked gile sambil muka tersipu2 malu tertunduk2 nak nyorok bawah meja :P According to him, dia rase mcm nak pengsan time tuh :P This band sing another 2 songs, Jujur & Mencintaimu...owh sungguh jiwang :)

Muke org terkejut :P

We had soo much fun that nite. My hubby tersengih jer that whole nite & meleret for a few days :) For him, this 35th birthday was awesome :) & the best ever in his life :)

Post Birthday Pressie

Double Trouble Ticket

2 belts (Black & Dark Brown) & 1 New Wallet

Sooo...35th birthday for him = AWESOME, BLAST!!

p/s: Sayang, weeeee loveeeee youuuuuuu (Adam called his father Sayang/Ayang tooo :P)