Sunday, June 27, 2010

Adik & Tas : Last Minute Fondant Cake & Wedding Gifts

8 days before his solemnization, Adik told us that he need ur assistance to find any bakery for his hantaran cake. This is horrible cos most the the bakery dah full booked & not available :(
Kalau buttercream cake should be not problem tapi not for fondant cake.

Tetiba I teringat kat Bake Freshly Never order any with her before tp I memang fallin in love with her cake. The design, colour owh everything to me ... ADORABLE :) Try my luck n called her but nobody puckup :( then I just text her. Mana tau sudah tido ker, solat ker...Owhhhh im happy cos she replied and okay with the date. Simple step..just email all the details & done :)


Very happy with the cake :) n the flowers looks realll okeh. The choc moist was yummeh tooo :) Im planning to order Adam's Birthday cake with her.

Hantaran From Tas

From Adik

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