Saturday, May 28, 2011

HALFORD: Zuzz 4 Stroller

Million thanks to my SIL, Ngah & Cik Yam for this lovely gift :) When both of them tanya nak apa for our new Baby, we all pun tak tau nak ape. Soo, they suggest a stroller since we didnt buy a new one rite.Thot nak pakai lama punye saje sebab dah buat make over kat Sweet Cherry.Tapi akhirnya, Adam yang belasah guna * kan dia malas nak jalan :) *

They had plan to buy already which its cost almost RM1k based on our description nak bentuk macam mana, colour apa.But they still let us to choose mana yang we all suka. For me RM1k is toooo expensive, yeah eventhough bukan duit we all but for me...tak perlulah membazirkan.

Masa tengah shopping barang baby kat MV & at the same time survey baby stroller. I saw one Black Baby Stroller kat Mom's Care display glass. I love the design actually.Nampak macam tough. It's Halford. Belek2, test sana sini, they have RED & BLACK colour only and both of us LOVE IT!!! We MMS the pic to my SIL and both of them pun suka and all of us go for RED colour! Price??? Unbelieveable!! Sangat berbaloi2 okeh.

Ada one chinese couple pun suka. They just waiting for us kata tak nak je. Coz dia nak jugak RED colour yang tinggal satu tu saja :) Again...million thanks to my SIL :) Ngah & Cik Yam. Both of us really in love with this Halford Zuzz 4 Stroller

New innovative design
Unique folding system
Stylish 360degree locable front swivel wheel
Forward or backward facing seat
Adjustable backrest
Removable front bar
Height adjustable handle
Adjustable footrest
Compatible with Halford Babio Infant car seat
EN 1888 Approved

Seat Unit suitable from newborn, up to 25kg
Product Weight: 10.5kg
1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

p/s:I think we need the Halford babio Infant Car Seat. We hav difficulty bila nak pegi baby checkup. Current car seat too big for baby :(


  1. stroller tu price dia RM899 tp masa tu moms care ade sale 40% so dpt rm540. baby car seat tu beli separate kat happybaby jln klang lama RM269 less 20% rm 215 :)

  2. ala murahnye... baru je beli halford S8 harga rm559..

  3. salam..c0mel ler stroller bulan ape yea beli..
    sale bulan bpe yea ada sampai 40% biasa nyer 20% jek..

  4. both before i deliver.tak silap bulan march 2011.memang tak caya mula2 tp masa tu mostly kedai mcm baby cottage & fabolous mom pun almost the same disc 40% cuma takde kaler merah

  5. just beli stroller nih tp xpandai function dia laa..u ble tlg..

  6. mmg best cute design..saya beli murah kat pun bole kat puchong..selalu ada promosi murah2