Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Looking for Talent-Oral Care TVC

Hi, My fren from international advertising company looking for 10 participants for an oral care product testimonial TV commercial. A token of appreciation will be paid $$$$

If you're interested,please see the requirement as below :

· Care about oral hygiene, visit dentist frequently, uses mouthwash and dental floss, image conscious (want to look good 24/7 J)
· Non- professional talents
· Male and female are both welcome to participate
· Must NOT be on any TVC or engaged in any advertising related activities before
· Must not work in advertising and media related industry
· Age: 25 – 35 years old
· Educated urban working adults who are highly sociable
· Able to converse confidently in either Malay or English, if can speak both even better
· One day shoot for each language
· Medium: TVC, Website

If you or your friends interested, please email to me byzura.razali@gmail.com & I will give further info from there.

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