Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monday Blues!


9-5 seems not enough for me today.Rushing here & there. I need at least RM100k new business premium to achieve my production target RM1mil before closing @ 19 June 2009. Tension tak hengat! Manelah nak dapat that much punye premium. Sekurang-kurangnye 3 condo lagi kene secured! Actually that RM1mil target given by my bosses start since 16 June 08. So within 1 year I kene achieve.Tak achieve pun takpe sebenarnye (ehh...takpe ker boss?) tp I nak jugek challenge myself. Its not easy nak buat new business development. I pun tak tau kenape I suka buat bende ni. Kalau diberi pilihan nak dok office pun I confirm tak nak!
Thanks a lots to all my colleague specially Corporate Direct Unit & all my bosses (VN,WEY & SL) for your support...

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