Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fire in the kitchen.....

Dear Frens,

Fire in the Kitchen is a possibilty 
okay. To all kaum2 ibu yg rajin sgt memasak tu be carefull..... 

DONT ever throw water .....Its Devastating ....a very common mistake that creates a HUGE BLAST!!!

Water being heavier than oil will sink to the bottom and becomes superheated and create Explosion force of the steam blows the burning oil UP and OUT creating a FIREBALL!!

In the kitchen or home it will have like a nuclear  blast and will hit the ceiling and the whole room and people around.

  • Dont Panic -tak payah jerit2 lompat2... maintain cun okay
  • Off the stove fire -kalau boleh yer, kalau api dah merebak teruk jgn nak jadik heroin plak... 
  • Wet a cloth and squeze it off the water and cover it kalau tak de kain lap, sila pakai floor mat yg materialnye kain..plastic jgn woiii.... 
  • You can also use the frying pan or wooden board or sauce pan lid to cover and will have same effect -jgn pakai tray plak...plastic tuhh....
Pesanan Khidmat Masyarat drpd Mama Adam @ ketika berada di dapur

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