Tuesday, October 27, 2009

X-tra Cheese Plssss

You know what?? I'm soo weak today! Tension cuz dgn flunye, batuk2, badan lemah2 nak demam...uiii tak bleh nih cuz ade mission nak dilaksanakan esok! * wink wink*
So mlm ni agak malas nak memikirkan ape nak mkn, agak malas nak kua tapau, semuanye malas! So berpikir2 nak mkn pizza, ermm domino pizza pun best gak!

My 1st time order online ni pun cuz kemalasan tahap babun! Super easy just follow step 1 2 3 4.....

Payment by cash on delivery / Domino's Gift Certificates..tak payah pkai credit card pun...

The 30-minute Delivery Commitment starts from the time our Customer Service Centre e-mails you and/or verifies your order.

Just after 20 minute (superb pantas)...2 regular xtra cheese pizza for 3 of us ready depan pintu!

Bid Clap for Domino's! Yeeehaaaa....

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