Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Counting My Last Day.....

I dun know how to express my feeling rite know. Sedey ke happy ke excited ke…serious dun know!!! Yang pasti body jerk at office….

I just left 2 workings day to hand over my portfolio…I’ve 14 clients to visit this 2 days which I dun think I cant make it. Kat Puchong ade 3 , kat Month Kiara ade 1, kat Brickfields ade 1, kat Putrajaya ade 1, kat Kelana Jaya ade 1, kat Ampang ade 4, kat PJ ade 2… …tak sempat woiii!

My last working day on this 30th. So from 1 Dec to 7 Dec, ai on annual leave. Ade balance annual leave 5 days maaaa….huhuhu!


  1. wei girl...alahh, 30th i pulak on leave.
    so i wish u first all the best and nice working wif u ok!
    u take care girl...we shall stay in touch in the blogging world!

  2. r u moving to another company? good luck, babe!!

  3. sylvia:its ok dear. thanks a lot for ur support! keep in touch kay!
    sya:yup..more nearer..huhuhu kajang town!