Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lunch @ Nando's!


After get paid to my "1 day job", thinking to blanje my fren Bel & others tooo (Kak Su, Kak Mala & Chin Yen Fong) & for my pre-farewell lunch! :P

Thanks to Bel for giving me the contact. Without her, I cant get that "1 day job" & those experience...(will blog about it later after ai get the green lite). So, Bel choose Nando's @ Pavillion.

Before mkn mesti amik gambar...wajib!

Chin Yen Fong & Belinda

Belinda & Kak Mala

Me & Kak Su

Chin Yen Fong, Belinda & Kak Mala

The restaurant very pack, off cuzlah kan..its Friday. So our order sampai lambat. Bila sampai jer memasing terkam...we all rushing cuz lunch time sampai 1.30 pm jerk...but of cuz we cant make it ..hhuhuhu we reach office around 2.10 pm.... ( Ai takpe..nak taataa dah...)
We had our lunch sambil borak, kutuk2 ..owh itu mesti. Continue on da way balik office. Cuz jam giler tak ingat....best sgt!

So frenz..when is our next luncheon??? Sape nak blanje ai plak?????

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