Monday, December 14, 2009

First Day!

Started my first day @ new place with Red Colour for baju & shoes. Nothing much that I had to do cuz that day my branch had training for agents. 9 am to 5 pm..the presenter agak membosankan & syok sendiri! Whatever lah...

So excited nak lunch ngan Mamanye!

I had my lunch with my hubby & little Adam @ Secret Recipe. Bebetul depan office :P. BTW Kajang town memang suck! Parking susah tahap gaban especially my area yg berderet-deret bank.
As usual, ai order French Fries tuk Adam. Spaghetti Meatball for myself. My hubby entah ape entah tak ingat.

Okeh, sebenarnye sedey tau coz normally every morning masa keje kat Jln Raja Chulan mesti breakfast dulu. Pekene roti tampal & teh tarik kat Mano with Kak Mala & Kak Su. Lunch ngan lunch partners Kak Mala, Kak Su, Elly & Ina. Tapi skrang my partner for my breakfast, lunch, dinner & supper tak lain tak bukan my hubby lah ......urhhh sungguh tak best!!!

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