Monday, December 7, 2009

My Farewell Lunch-Part 1@ Carmen's

As I mentioned before, my last working day with AXA on 30/11/2009@ Monday. On the same day, my boss Vanessa Ngew had to back early to catch her flight. Soo, we had our last lunch @ farewell nearby at Carmen's.

Layan pix jer okayyy...

Mine..but can remember what they called this!!!! Belasah jer...asal kenyang!

Belinda, ME, Chin & Kak Mala...seriously I'll miss all of you. This is the best team that I had!We had fun together, gelak2, gossip2......

ME & Chin...wonder who will pick up your call when I'm not around....who will be your bisik2 frenz after this???

Kak Mala & Vanessa lovely sis & my cool boss!

Birthday Cake for Steven & Farewell Cake for ME & MR.MARK....

I'm thinking whether I can have this feelings at my new place or not ?? The environment, happinest, good teams and frenz like this !!


  1. got my pic! apala... MR Mark pulak. u ingat i jual power tools punya meh

  2. hahahaa..mark if u not mention it i pun x perasan