Friday, February 12, 2010

Calling for Hot Mommies!!!!

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Dear Hot Mommies....

I just received e-mail from my lovely friend Belinda. One of her friend doing research on infant formula and growing up milk on this 23 & 25 Feb. Cash incentive will be given to the succesfull participant (RM100-RM150) for 2 hours discussion in our office Mid Valley.

The participant must has at least one child :

1) Age 0-12 months & 1-6 years old (Male or female)

2) Child is drinking milk powder

3) Brands: Friso/Frisolac (MOST IMPORTANT) /Enfalac,Enfapro, Enfagrow & Enfakid/Anmum Infacare & Essential/Mamex Gold/Mamil Gold/Nestle Nan 1 & 2.

Priority is to find Chinese first as the groups are on 23 & 25 F ebruary and Malay groups will be on 2- 3 March.

If you all interested, please email your details to belinda_oon @

Good luck!!!


  1. i think ni my ex co nih.... for focus group lah ni.....
    ni kerja i sebelum kahwin

  2. hot boroi daddy buleh tak??

    isk2, ada cash incentive ni i'm afraid scam jer. what the company she's from again? just be careful k.

  3. yatie: ahah..memang from focus group pown....

    joe:nak join kene pakai dress :P. focus group...