Monday, March 15, 2010

December 2009 Activity

I'm supposed to post this entry last 3 month...but I'm totally forgot about it :P So i had to change the title & summarised all the activity.

Lunch @ Delicious MV

Ai spend my leave with my little Adam. We had our breakfast,lunch & dinner outside coz ai tak masak :P Makan2 is the best part ever!! :D Activity makan takyah citelah memang ade punye :P

Adam & Toy's N Us
This is the must. Every month or actually every time we hang out @ MV or Bangsar Village, my little Adam will find his fav toys. But nothing to worried actually, Adam takkan ambik banyak2.Satu jer...tapi kalau dah sebulan ade 4 weeks, macam mane??? :P

Sunway Lagoon.
To be frank with u all this is my first time pg Sunway Lagoon :D Actually ai tak suka sangat main2 air ni. Tapi coz Adam dah suka nak wat camne?? BTW ai tak mandi pun Babahnye yang handle... :P

Lenovo Mini Lappy
Not for me! My hubby bought this Black Mini Lappy for himself. Hadiah ujung tahun untuk diri sendiri katanye.

LG Plasma TV 42 inch
Weeee...our pre weeding anniversary gift from my hubby. Tot nak besar lagik :P

Adam & Turtle
He bought 2 baby turtle. house dah mcm mini zoo weiii...marine fish, arowana, rabbit and now turtle!!! Adam....Adam....
Adam & Kid'z Art N Fun Zone
He love this play land n im not worried kalau dia melompat ke ape. Tapi tak leh g selalu...coz tak kuasa nak tunggu :P
5th Wedding Anniversary Dinner
My fav place..Outback Bangsar! Suke tempat ni tak tau nape. Errmmm we had super yummeh dinner here..

A lot of activity actually for December coz ai had 8 days before start kat new company. Anyway we had so much fun spend time together!!!

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