Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sunday, Retail & Food Theraphy, Ikea & La Senza

We had fun retail & food therapy last Sunday at Ikea & Mid Valley. We had our makan2 bagai nak rak at Ikea Restaurant. Combine 2 table pastu penuh ngan foods...ermmm yummeh. We ordered Chicken Wing, Swedish Meatballs, Princess Cake & BBG Chicken.....
BTW, Ikea Sale starts from 25/2/2010 to 21/3/2010.

This is the best part bila kua reramai, gossip together2, gelak2, share the foods, sharing ideas. Our activity during weekend. My hubby will Abang kembar & Helmi kalau nak kua ke mana2. At least dia ade geng. To my cousy, sorry erk kalau ade salah silap terkecik hati ke ape. But what I know that we always be transparent cakap direct jer...jangan simpan2 okeh.

Then ...hehehe this is the best part for me actually. We heading to Mid Valley to repair Adam punye Crocs & La Senza. Remember, I had post one entry about La Senza Semi Annual Sale last Sunday. I am sharing that info with u all & at the same time as a reminder for me tooo.... :P

Bought a few bras. Chosing bras actually make me crazieee!!! :P Tot nak letak pix, tapi takpelah yer coz Im not that daring...lagipun ai know that my families, my fren, my exfren even my enemies reads this blog. Kang kecoh plak, zura tunjuk bra!!!! Ngeng!!! :D

Owh cousy2ku ...Atie & Eifa , cant wait for our trips to Singapore end of this month. Kita shopping2 ekkk. Kepada suami2 sila simpan duit...wifey nak belanja sakan!!!


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