Friday, March 19, 2010

Update : Byzura Razali's Blog Giveaway

Dear Lovely Bloggers Fwen,

Thanks for ur fully support!!!

Just a gentle reminder to all bloggers fwen...

Some of bloggers fwen leave msg @ ShoutBox or be my followers je but didnt leave ur info kat comment box.

Dont forget 3 simple step tuu ...
1.Link me
2.Leave info
3.Add Banner

Kalau nak jadi followers tu its up to you.... :D

All participant info , I'll extract from my comment box.Kalau u all lupa nak leave info tak dapek nak tolong but i try my level best bagi reminder la... :D

Sooo why not u all check kat comment box tu, whether ur info ade ke idak. Kalau takde cecepat leave u all punye info heh :P

Good Luck!!

p/s: maybe ai akan add toysss.....weeeeee :D

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