Monday, April 12, 2010

Chomel Luggage Tags

My 1st time membeli-mengorder thru blogshop/online nih. Tak pernah buat or actually tak suke coz I tak boleh nak 'touch' barang tu.

But this one different coz I penah jumpe ownernye :P My mistake, I lambat bank in duit to her acc but bile I bank in on 22/3 afternoon and text her bgtau I dah bank in duit :P. I confident dah dah takkan dpt gune bende tu masa pg Singapore on 27/3. But I'm wrong :D Less than 48 hours, barang yg I order sampai!!!!!

Heheheeee...its a luggage tags for me, hubby and my little Adam!!! I ordered from Kedai Chomel.

Thanks Dila. Its lovely...

Sesape nak order luggage tags, nursing cover,felt alphabets & banyak lagi bende2 yg chomel, please visit
Kedai Chomel.