Friday, April 23, 2010


Thanks to bloggers yg join my giveaway :) You guys memang rocksss!!

Im bz like bee now. Sorting all bloggers url according to toys yg u all pilih. Total ade 112 bloggers :) Then I nak check one by one based on my T&C. My T&C sempoi jerkan, just follow this 3 step & ade jugak yg jadi my follower. Thanks a lot yeh.

1.Link my blog @ ur bloglist
2.Leave a comment with this format (A/Byzura/
3.Put banner @ ur blog sidebar & link back to my blog.

Pas check T&C, barulah my hubby & Adam akan choose the lucky bloggers for every each toys :)

I'll publish the the bloggers url this nite at 12.01am @ 24/4/2010. Soooo...tungguuuuu :)

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