Monday, July 26, 2010

Adam Haiqal 5th Birthday Bash

Hi Bloggers,

You & ur family are cordially invited to Adam Haiqal 5th Birthday Bash.

Venue:Impian Murni, Saujana Impian, Kajang

Date:31st July 2010 @ Sat

Time:2 p.m to 5 p.m (3 p.m-Cake Cutting Ceremony)

Theme:Racing Day (Black/White/Red)

For RSVP, kindly e-mail to & I'll send the full address to you.

Thank You :)
p/s:some of bloggers fwen i dah bg invitation thru e-mail, but dunno u all received ker idak..yg lain i tak sempat check e-mail one by one/takde dlm blogger profile ...sorry yek :(


  1. Kalau tak ada aral melintang, i will be there...:)

  2. thanks tifa :) hope u received my earlier email.

  3. salam zura..not sure yet...hope boleh datang..nanti confirm dgn my hb dulu..terima kasih sudi jemput yer

  4. so sorry..
    couldn't make it..
    i ada kenduri arwah my abah on the same date..

    Anyway..thanks for the invitation..
    Insyaallah..next2 time i dtg k.. (*_*)

  5. waa.. x dpt pegi.
    nnt amik gmbr byk2 ye.

  6. Salam, zura.

    Wish HAppy birthday to ur Adam Haiqal....

    my Adam HAiqal da celebrate last 25th june...His 2nd birthday...

    Semoga Ur Adam HAiqal will b a good n soleh son...

  7. salam baizura,
    i actually dah made t-shirt tuk adam.. so pls give me ur address so dat i pos burfday present to adam?

  8. alamak i missed it.. sorry dear, baru perasan ur email and dh lama xmenjengah ke sini.. bz sesangat. sorry :( nway, Happy Belated Birthday to Adam!!