Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ikea Sale

Raya lagi 2 month kan?? Memang kene jer timing Ikea nak wat sale-sale nih. Just wanna that IKEA sale starts on 8th July 2010 ( tomorrow) until 1 August 2010.

Sale Preview pulak on 8th July 2010 from 7.00am till 9.30am but for IKEA friends Members only heh. Sure tak dpt pegi cos im working & I dah apply leave for today semata2 nak pegi nengok Usher. Tak apply leave takut lambat kuar from opis, lambat sampai,kalau lambat sampai nanti jam pulak :)

For July Offer this LĂ–TTORP sheepskin jadi RM79, kalau tak normal price RM169. At least we can save RM90. Big Save okeh. Now I have find my way to drag my hubby to Ikea....

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  1. hehehe...kalu g ikea..cuci2 mata sambil rembat tupperware yang comel2...

  2. tulah my hubby malas nak pg..ade jer nak beli :) price pun affordable jugak