Thursday, April 7, 2011

Week 36 Today :)

Congratulations! You're in your final month! Baby weighs about 2.7 kg this week and measures about 51 cm. If she is born any time this week, she can breathe without the aid of a respirator, so you can breathe a sigh of relief now.

Is her head engaged in your pelvis? If she is still breeched, you need to discuss delivery options with the doctor; it is good to be prepared. But there is no need to induce her if there are no complications. Let's wait and see.

You should be on leave from work now but you probably feel lots of things are still not in place for your baby's arrival. Break your tasks into small manageable bits. Schedule in rest stops to put up your swollen feet. Spend time talking to and patting baby through the abdomen walls.

Have you been worrying about how that bowling ball head (about 35 cm across!) is going to pass through your vagina opening? The bones in your baby's skull are not fused, i.e. the shape does not stay rigid. It can mould and adapt to the shape of Mum's birth canal. It will turn out okay; you have the word of millions of mums who gave birth before you!

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  1. aikkk? dah 36?
    hope u r ready with the hospital bag in the car.
    enjoy la mkn puas2 b4 kena pantang..hehe

  2. Owh rasa sekejap aje.. few more weeks left, my baby was born masa 37 weeks ;p

    Good luck in advance