Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Arissa

Date : 29th May 2010 @ Saturday
Venue: Taman Ramal Indah, Kajang
Birthday Arissa actually on 31st May but the celebration buat awal coz Sat semua org ade. 1st birthday celebration & Arissa tak berapa sihat soo moody memanjang. Yang excited Ibunye lah :) I made special choc muffin for Arissa.

My choc muffin

Super yummy choc cake
From ME
From my hubby
From Nek Nyah
From my mother, Nek Yah
All pressie

Arissa dpt banyak pressie that nite. Especially dress and teddy bear. Stock toys for 1 year nih.

Mama Zura, Babah & Abang Adam sayang Arissa. We'll make sure that u gets the best in your life.

* Arissa ni kesayangan semua org. She soo adorable.Muka always serious jer.Susah nak senyum.Pipi labuh :)

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