Monday, April 18, 2011

Company Annual Dinner-2010

Sorry ek. Its happened last year Oct sebenarnya. I totally lupa nak blog about it :) My first Staff Outing with my current company. I'm not joining them for morning activity sebab ada Kleenex Event kat OU and around 6.30 pm hubby send me to The Legend Water Chalets,PD and me late again sebab hujan :)

Hubby lepak kat Lobby Lounge layan live band.Takkan nak balik Kajang pulak then pick me up at 12 midnite :) Abes event terus rush back balik Kajang sebab anak bujak tak tido2 tunggu Mama & Babahnya balik event almost 2 already :)

Eve & Sharen

Me, My Ex Boss & Eve

Me, My Ex Boss & Eve

Sabrina, My Ex Boss & Me

My Not So Lucky No :P

Door Gift

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