Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Astro B.yond Bloggers Night Invitation

My 2nd Nuffnang events for 2010....Astro B.yond Bloggers Night @ Modesto’s, Desa Sri Hartamas....yeah tonite!!!

Okay, seriously I dont have any idea nak pakai ape. Maybe I dont have new baju or baju ade tp tak muat??? :p bukan tak muat tp tak selesa...( alasannnnn)

FYI, Astro recently launched Astro B.yond, a new entertainment experience starting with the first High Definition broadcast in Malaysia. Home entertainment will never be the same with Astro B.yond.

Astro invites Nuffnang Bloggers to Astro B.yond Bloggers Night tonite & expect a fun filled night along with a brand new viewing experience like never before as Astro B.yond will enhance your visual and audio senses. Refreshments will be provided & 1 of the attendees will walk home with a 32" HD TV from LG along with 1 year subscription of Astro B.yond.Bestkan???

So today sharp2 5.45pm kene kluar office & rushing to Hartamas. I should be there before 7.30pm. BTW, this is exclusive event, so I just have 1 invitation so my hubby will lepak2 somewhere. I tak kejam tau biarkan my hubby lepak sorang2 tp nak wat camne dia tak nak bg I drive alone...dia nak antokan.

See you there....!!


  1. i was expecting this invite. unfortunately to my surprised, i received an email mid today, stating that they had to revoke it as i didn't get back to them on time(?!!!) walaweiii... i didn't even receive it, how do i reply? *blerk* so i had no choice to clarify this wherever i could so that its not my fault, if they placed me in the black list :(

  2. i lagik sedih coz x dpt pun invitation....

  3. nice to knowing u.. nway, ur son so cute! :)

  4. hi byzura. nice to meet you at the astro nuffnang blogger's night.

    patut la penah nampak blog you. i read your friso gold entry before

  5. hye byzura...nice meeting you...nnt kalau boleh send gambo2 semalam kat email saya...

  6. shahrul:nice knowing u tooo! mekacih...anak mak! hehehehe...
    mat joe: nice knowing u tooo...
    dean moreno:bila dah upload i email okay...

  7. yuhoo dear byzura... salam kenal juga.. lainkali boleh la jumpa lagi :)

  8. salam byzura..hemmm cepatnya upate..akak tak ada idea lagilah..